The R-50, aka "The Little Zip"

A perfect fit for coating development and Laboratory Use

The R-50 is the unique baby brother in the Ronci centrifugal coating machine family. Ideally suited for small quantities, or small parts, it requires only a small amount of coating material. Its one gallon plastic reusable material tank allows for dip-spinning and storage in just one vessel. The hydraulic drive motor provides rapid acceleration and deceleration to facilitate parts movement for maximum coating efficiency.

Ronci R-50 Dip Spin Centrifugal Coating Machine

R-50 Specifications

4.5" Diameter
2.5" Useful Depth
4.0" Overall Depth
Volume is 62 cubic inches.

One gallon plastic container requires one quart coating material.

1/2 horsepower 60HZ 3PH Standard.

Infinitely variable-speed spin motor; 0-1400RPM.

325 lbs.

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Your competition is already using the Ronci machines - thus effectively coating many parts that you may be wastefully spraying - saving them time and money. And while the original Ronci machines will help you speed up production and operate at higher profits, they are among the least expensive on the market. in fact, considering the workload they handle, they will pay for themselves in no time.